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Mark Gough, LCMHC (Cary)


My practice over the past 20 years as an LCMHC has allowed me to help people of diverse backgrounds overcome a variety of life's challenges. I help people by meeting with them, learning about their problems and discovering ways for them to feel more at ease. The most common issues that I help people with involve their moods (for example sadness, worrying, anger or stress) and with their relationships. The type of psychotherapy I do is very intense and short term compared to other types of counseling. It’s called Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. It means that we explore the ways your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and feelings affect each other. Then we try to come up with different ways of looking at things. Most people like this type of counseling because 1) it’s effective (scientists have determined its helpfulness) 2) it’s quick (treatment is usually completed within 12 sessions) and 3) it’s a team effort (I’ll give you tools that you can use to help yourself). 




All types of people come to see me; people just like you who have hit a bump in the road and want to help themselves feel better again.  I've focused on adults, couples and adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, controlling anger, family conflict, substance abuse, and behavioral issues. If you're looking for someone to help, I'd welcome your call!


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