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Bright Health



Devon Unruh, MSW, LCSW

(Wake Forest)

Each individual experiences difficulties in their lifetime; however, everyone responds to their challenges depending upon their own sense of self, as well as, the basic units of support in which the individual does or does not have in their life. As someone who practices what I preach, I can say therapy works! - but only if you are able to accept the mindset that we grow together, not apart. I find mental health to be just as, if not more important as physical health. Having support in our lives is ultimately what keeps us stable and connected. While it will not erase difficulties we face, therapy can be used as a significant tool to help better understand our own emotions, decisions, and actions, as well as the behaviors and actions of those around us. I do not believe there is one specific system that works for everyone, but I do believe everyone can benefit from their own therapeutic experience. 


I am dedicated to building healthy relationships for families, couples, and individuals as well as working with individuals to strengthen positive coping skills to manage mental health and promote wellness. I have experience working with individuals who live with severe and persistent mental health disorders including but not limited to Mood Disorders, Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorders, Personality Disorders, as well as those experiencing grief, loss, and substance use. I look forward to expanding my knowledge as I work with children, teens, and adults throughout my practice. 


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