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    Tony Glenn, LCMHC (Wake Forest)


I have worked in the therapy and counseling profession for over 30 years and I have supported individuals from every sphere of life. I know the hurts and pains of life experiences and the feelings of loneliness and disappointments that come along with them. I have interfaced with adolescents who rebelled against authority, divorce and separation issues, single parenting, depression, and anxiety just to name a few. Now presently, during these times of uncertainty, many are experiencing loss of wages loss of loved ones, and isolation issues. Many who are in these circumstances feel hopeless, overwhelmed, and alone but they are not.


I utilized a variety of therapy approaches in order to help support individuals who find the need to broaden their perspective regarding how to manage life’s issues. My approach is both professional as well as relational, and I value the understanding that everyone should be treated with respect, care, and unconditional positive regard. You don’t need to look any further for the support that you have been seeking together we will walk through the process of positive change and healthy self-care.


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