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Patty Roberts, LCMHC          (Wake Forest)

Patty Roberts is the former owner of Patricia G. Roberts, LLC, a private counseling practice in Raleigh, NC where she worked with individuals, adolescents, young adults, and the aging population.   Prior to private counseling, Patty worked for and retired from Wake County Public School System as a mental health counselor at Leesville Road High School.  

Patty’s approach is holistic, believing there are psychological, emotional, biological, social, interpersonal, and spiritual dimensions to your problematic behaviors.  She uses the most current and effective research-based approaches in working with her clients who experience myriad concerns while navigating normal life stressors such as anxiety, depression, relationships, grief, aging, and other challenges.

Patty believes that therapy is a professional, confidential, working relationship between a client and therapist, one of which is based on trust, respect, and commitment to work together toward your identified goals.  Therapy is challenging and takes work, perseverance, and practice over time.  But, the process of growth and change is exciting!  Gaining insight and positive behavior changes is exciting!   I will be honored to walk with you through this part of your life’s journey. 


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