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Jeff LiCalzi, LCMHC (Wake Forest)

Jeff is a Licensed Clinical Health Counselor Associate in the state of North Carolina with over ten years experience providing therapeutic care to adults. Although new to North Carolina he has previously lived and worked with clients in Florida, Philly, New Mexico and Colorado. He most often sees adults seeking help with anxiety/depression, trauma, life transitions, survivors of suicide, cancer patients and their friends and family. Jeff is most passionate about working with queer, trans and all members under the LGBTQI+ umbrella. During his tenure in Santa Fe, NM he worked with homeless queer youth and ran numerous support groups for gay, trans and queer individuals.


Jeff specializes in and works with and provides a unique perspective on LGBTQI+ related concerns. Sexuality, gender, polyamory, kink, fetish, breakups, sex-work and BDSM are just a few areas Jeff is familiar with and has worked with queer clients in a safe and affirmative manner.  He is sex positive and maintains a non-judgmental and a supportive environment.


Helping clients deal with their own internalized prejudices such as homophobia and white supremacy arise often.


Jeff is a cisgender gay white male but is well trained and versed in intersectionality and sensitive to the unique issues facing certain marginalized members of the community. Jeff has worked extensively with this community and has been active both volunteer and professionally most of his adult lifetime. Originally from New York, his participation goes all the way back to the early days of the political and social movement in NYC.   


Providing a safe and supportive space is a crucial aspect to Jeff’s work. He is relational and heart-centered in his approach. Jeff’s focuses on warmth, non-judgement, authenticity and empathy. No cold “blank” therapist staring across the room. No mysteries, and sharing within the confines of upholding professional boundaries. It’s all about the connection. Definitely “not your father’s therapist". 


Occasionally and when appropriate, Jeff brings his two parrots to sessions. Jeff has done informal animal assisted therapy for 15 years. He is an experienced parrot enthusiast and trains others in caring for their birds. Feel free to ask him about his birds.


Jeff offers both telehealth (video) and face to face sessions in our beautiful Wake Forest office.  The only requirement for face to face sessions is that you be fully vaccinated against COVID. 


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