Dr. Sharon Kirlik, PhD

From simple order organisms like cells to higher-order beings like humans, anything alive is motivated by reward; physical, emotional and psychological.  Occasionally, what is interpreted as a reward, however, begins to create great dysfunction and destruction to that individual; preventing them from effectively functioning within their everyday lives.  This is a highly individualized process as the life journey of each person is never ever the same. In this way, addressing what does and does not work in someone’s life differs from every single person.


With regard to this underlying mindset, I integrate several, strongly supported theories in order to help clients self-define the behaviors that no longer work within their individualized lives.  I am highly versed in Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT) and Client-Centered Theory (CCT) and believe that they serve as an effective and efficient means of partnering with clients in finding new behaviors that work within their own lives.  Clients are strongly encouraged to engage in homework opportunities between sessions in order to practice and explore what is discussed within face-to-face meetings. In this way, therapy extends beyond our clinical meetings and allows my clients the opportunity to “try-out” new behaviors and determine what works and does not work for them. My CCT training specifically guides me in successfully greeting clients where they are in their own life journey in a way that honors and celebrates its uniqueness without judgment.


I believe I bring a unique perspective to my practice in that my primary concern is moving my clients toward successful progress in the most efficient means possible.  I approach my mission with integrity, honesty, and transparency: The therapy I provide requires teamwork complete with open and honest reciprocal interaction. I sincerely care about your success. I have extensive experience and success working with trauma and its consequential symptoms among people of all ages; addiction, depression, anxiety, and anger.  I also work with people who suffer from chronic or terminal illnesses. My favorite client populations include families dealing with either parenting issues or issues associated with the caretaking of elderly/frail parents. I have extensive experience providing both individualized and group experiences for my clients.


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